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Get to know us a little bit.

Image by ray rui

who are we?

Merchantry Worldwide is a high-end travel and destination management company . We currently offer services in travel for leisure, business and entertainment. Our aim is to provide our clients with travel services that exceed their expectations and educate them about different cultures  in the process.

One of the reasons most businesses fail or cannot expand their market globally is a result of their personnel not being able to work in an international setting. Our primary goal is to create opportunities through travel, as we believe that you cannot invest in something you have not yet seen. In order to understand a culture you have to immerse yourself in its people and their way of life.

why choose us?

Together our team and partners are an arsenal of youthful, vibrant, well travelled and educated individuals with expertise in an amalgam of key industries, in Africa, Europe and the United States of America. Dually this has made it seamless for us to engage in many facets of international business, due to our local presence and understanding of the markets in which we operate.

we are professionals

Merchantry Worldwide is an organisation run by a Certified South African Specialist. This certification is offered by the South African Tourism programme to individuals that have completed a South African Tourism course and have vast knowledge on South African destinations and cultures.  

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